2013-14 Movin' On Editorial Content
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E=mc2 — Are You the Next Einstein of Your Generation?
Einstein, but you have a lot of curiosity and enjoy science and technology. These STEM careers will definitely spark your interest!
Sidebar: STEM Opportunities for Women
Sidebar: What is an Actuary?
Sidebar: Science with a Twist – Social Work

Top Tips for College Success
Make your college experience enjoyable and stress free with these do’s and don’ts. From study tips to time management – it’s all here!
Sidebar: Take Advantage of Support Services

7 Jobs To Make You Happy!
“Money isn’t everything” and some of us really want a career that makes us happy! Take a look at seven jobs which scored the highest marks on the University of Chicago’s survey for job satisfaction.

Quick Start Your Career with a 2 Year Degree or Less
Take a look at these fast start career options for those who need to get in the workforce quickly! Choose from a wide variety of in-demand careers and stay close to home.
Sidebar: Hands On Real Life Skills – Learn by Doing
Sidebar: Increase Your Pay with an Associate Degree
Sidebar: 19 Occupations earning more than $50,000 a year

Secrets of an MVP Employee
How can you stand out among other job applicants… or once you have the job—how can you rise to the top and get the corner office? Learn what today’s employers are looking for in an MVP employe.

They Did It – You Can too!
Four two-year college alums share their inspiring stories– from a university professor to an radiology technician. Their success can be yours.
Sidebar: The More You Learn – The More You Earn!

Choosing A College is a BIG DEAL!
Look at all your options – from cost, quality, size, and programs. Two-year colleges stand out with strong advantages!
Sidebar: The Transfer Path
Sidebar: Playing the Internship Game

Find Your Cash for College
Don’t let finances keep you from investing in your future by going to college. Follow the 8 steps to ”real” cash and pave the way for your dreams to come true.
Sidebar: Aid on the Web
Sidebar: More Money Books to Check Out

How Can I Find the Right Career for Me?
Here’s how to make that big decision about which career is the one for you. Plus, check out the 6 Career Pathways and 16 Career Clusters and career Web sites for more exploring.

Hot Jobs with Bright Futures
Organized by career pathways, personality types and educational certificates or degrees needed, with a mini-Holland RIASEC personality style quiz to help students focus on the career pathway best suited for them. Careers listed and detailed are the hottest careers needed through 2018 as forecasted by the United States Bureau of Labor.


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