Here’s What Your Professioinal Peers Are Saying About Movin’ On:

"I highly recommend Venture Publications for your organization’s publishing needs. The Associates are very organized with their customers and projects. They led me through a challenging process, assisted me with creative ideas and listened to my comments throughout the entire process. They are flexible and always seeking ways to improve their product to meet our needs. We, at Pearl River Community College, are delighted with our Movin’ On Magazine and use it as one of our primary recruitment tools.  Thank you, Venture, for helping us successfully expose thousands of secondary students in a six county area in South Mississippi to our community college and career technical programs.”
Gwen Smith
Tech Prep Coordinator
Pearl River Community College, MS

"Movin’ On Magazine has been enthusiastically received in our Tech Prep Consortium. Our teachers are excited because they can use the publication in so many ways. It’s the perfect partner for our Career and Technical Education programs because it features so many career pathways and career options.
Mary Jondrow, PhD
Pima and Santa Cruz Tech Prep Consortium, AZ

"We are excited about our Movin’ On magazines and feel they will be a great selling tool for our students who need to transition to postsecondary as well as a marketing tool for our program to the community. Again, thank you for giving us a quality marketing piece."
Virginia Sue Choens
Director Of Adult Education/GED
Butler Community College, KS

"The University of Tennessee GEAR UP Gradkids project distributes the annual Movin' On edition to both our GEAR UP families and the GEAR UP students. They are well received. These magazines are colorful, attractive, and able to get the attention of our young cohort of students and their parents. They introduce the kids to careers that are unknown to them yet are relevant to their daily lives. Our students are from very rural areas and are not acquainted with jobs outside of the usual "doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief." Movin' On takes them beyond those limited career goals and shows them how to get there. Featuring a large variety of careers accessed through different degree programs, gives the students greater choices for their future and encouragement in knowing that time spent in learning pays off. The magazine also reinforces the importance of the preparation the kids are now getting in high school, such as writing skills, internet skills, and oral communication skills. The students' interests are peaked when they see photos of celebrities and read about how they got to the top. The scholarship section of the magazine and the suggested web sites are important attractions especially for the parents.

We have seen such positive reception to Movin' On that we have requested archived copies to distribute to our students and their families. At all events, we have a stack of Movin' On that disappears as participants move by the GEAR UP table. Movin' On is almost as much a part of GEAR UP materials as our brochures, pens, and banners that encourage our students to "GEAR UP for College." Thanks so much for caring about our precious young people and the future of our wonderful country."
Peggy T. King
Associate Project Director
The University of Tennessee GEAR UP Gradkids, Knoxville, TN


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