2013-14 On Track Editorial Content

The Future of Social Media
The internet is creating new careers for writers, marketers and creative thinkers. See what peers are doing and explore this new frontier.
Sidebar: Aarin Jones – Classroom, Competition, Character – all in 1
Sidebar: Social Media Don’ts

Health Care – Kaleidoscope of Possibilities!
Everyone knows health care has lots of different careers. Now get the inside scoop on some “little known” careers that are not your average doctor and nurse type.
Sidebar: Raymond Mohler – the 15-year old founder of The Little St. Nickf Foundation
Sidebar: The Business of Health – 116% growth in managing health care
Sidebar: High Demand! – 4 top health care careers in high demand

“A” Proven Study Plan!
Take a look at the Cornell University system for note taking and improve your grades!
Sidebar: Helpful Tips to Keep Organized

Celebrity Feature —Robert Griffin the Third – The Washington Redskins Quarterback – a success off and on the field.
With attention to excellence, this “would be” lawyer became an NFL quarterback.
Bonus: Pull-0ut Poster!
Sidebar: Profiles in Excellence–Two young scholar athletes will inspire you with their character and determination.

Jobs for the 21st Century – A Career Pathway Exploration Guide
Complete with mini-Holland RIASEC Personality Quiz and corresponding career pathways — very helpful for young minds as they begin to explore their own career journey. Includes personality style profiler and the 6 career pathways.

Our Top Ten List Equals A Brighter Future
Your odds for a bright future are greatest the higher you go in education. See the numbers and you will be convinced. Our 10 steps are the “How To’s” to a successful future.

Crossword Puzzle
Fun to do if you have read all of On Track!


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