Movin’ On Benefits Your College with an impressive 'first impression'!
PLUS – it’s a driver to your website

It can grow your enrollment and enhance your college’s community image. Get the attention of students who don’t think they want to go to a two-year college or those not sure about the need for college.

Here’s how Movin’ On does it:


Movin' On creates a positive impact with cutting-edge design, professional writing and a full-color presentation. With the high quality of design and editorial, your college is positioned as an institution of quality offering quality instruction.


All editorial promotes the two-year college as the best place to start higher education for any career. Your college is featured in the center insert.


Answers the big questions prospective students are asking – What career fits me? How can I go to college? It goes beyond the content of the general view book!


Showcases ONLY Your College. No other college cards or ads. We serve only two-year colleges. It looks like a magazine your college produced.


Tell Your Two-Year College Story. Tell all the great benefits of your college in the 4-page center spread and on the back cover. Surrounding articles support your story. Students get immediate impact—no computer, radio or CD needed! *YES, you may have more than 4 pages. We have had some colleges with up to 14 pages.


Target Your Prospective Students. Mail Movin’ On directly into the homes of students in your service area. Use it at College Fairs. Presidents or those who speak for the college in the community use it at presentations, place it in doctors offices, beauty salons, hospital waiting rooms–anywhere in the community people need reading material like magazines. Remember–it stands head and shoulders above other college brochures, and it works great with career centers and workforce development.


Increase Recruiting — Enhance Image. Movin’ On presents your college with quality content and professional graphics. Your college looks impressive! Our design team does work for Pixar Films, Dreamworks and other major entertainment companies in the film and music industry winning numerous Addies and Emmies.


Affordable and Easy. Movin’ On takes less of your time and budget than other college publications. You give us 4 pages and we give you back a 36 page fully four color magazine customized that looks like you produced it. And yes, you can have more than 4 pages. We’re your off-site marketing/production staff!


Plus – A BIG Bonus! With our Free Teacher Guides, your customized Movin’ On may be used in the classroom as career curriculum. This sets you apart from other institutions! See all the details by clicking here.

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