Make an Impression of Quality and Point potential students to your Website!

Movin' On shows the quality education offered at two-year colleges provides a great start to any career.

Movin’ On can save you time and money and turbo charge recruitment and imaging campaigns.

Movin’ On is perfect for the college with limited staff and budget.

Movin’ On changes attitudes about two-year colleges!

Movin’ On drives readers to your website!

Movin' On is a perfect direct mail piece!

Movin' On is created annually to recruit high school students to two-year colleges and technical institutes. It contains no ads from competing colleges. It can be customized to showcase the specific opportunities of your college or technical institute to students in your community.

Most college viewbooks do a good job of answering the question, “Why attend ACC?” But they aren’t answering the right question for many, many students. The questions most students need answering are, “What can I be – what career fits me? Why college? Why a two-year college? Why now?"

Movin’ On is read by students who may not be inclined to read your college publication, because of a preconceived idea about two-year colleges. Its slick four color national magazine style commands immediate response-–unlike a CD which requires a player or computer. Movin’ On is very user friendly for student and parent.

Movin' On delivers the message you want every high school senior to know– students can begin any career at your two-year college. Here's how:

  1. While depicting all higher education in a positive light, Movin' On tells your hottest prospects about the quality programs, affordability, great instruction and access of two-year colleges and institutes.

  2. Movin' On is read! Three-quarters of our readers say they keep their copy 3-to-6 months. 74% say their parents read the magazine, too!

  3. Movin' On gets noticed and competes alongside expensive viewbooks from any four-year university! It looks like a magazine your college produced itself!

  4. Movin' On is an exclusive showcase! Sponsoring colleges design their own 4-page "advertorial" which prints in the center of the magazine. Your college name and information is on the front cover in several locations. A reply card is included and the back cover is a FREE full-page ad for your college with a direct mail section.

  5. Movin' On is a proven marketing tool! Mail it directly to high school students; give it away at College Night. Gain valuable recruitment leads through a reply postcard that returns directly to you or hits to your web site. It presents a great first impression of your college.

  6. Movin' On delivers the message. Last year, 91% of its readers said they were more likely to attend a two-year college or institute after reading Movin' On.

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