How to Use Movin’ On

Marketing Strategies for Sponsoring Colleges

Sponsoring colleges primarily use Movin’ On by direct mailing it into the homes of high school juniors and seniors in their service area. There are many other ways our colleges have successfully used Movin’ On.

Here are some additional ideas, which will enhance your college's community image and increase the effectiveness of your recruiting campaigns:

Partner with Local Schools– Use Movin' On to build or enhance relationships with your local schools. With the Free Teacher Guide with lesson plans for each article, your customized Movin' On may be used in the classroom. This may be over a week exploration, a two-week emphasis unit, a nine-week period, or a kick-off to a larger career unit. It is flexible according to the teacher's needs. Remember the student is seeing your name throughout the unit. Your college name is associated with this positive experience. See the Benefits of Partnering with Local Schools link for more details.

College Faculty and Counselors– Send a copy of Movin’ On to all faculty and key administrators. Don’t forget the Board of Trustees. When campus staff see the professionalism of Movin’ On, it gives them pride in the college. Often they will contribute additional ideas for its use. Offer Movin’ On to them as the college publication to hand out when speaking in the community (i.e. President, Deans, Trustees, and any person who speaks for the college.)

College Fairs and High School Presentations– Take Movin’ On along with other college publications. It is perfect to give to the student or parent with little understanding about the value and purpose of two-year colleges. Also, hand it to students who are unsure about career direction. REMEMBER: Movin’ On answers the questions most students are asking– What can I be–what career fits me? Why College? Why two-year college? Why now?

College Open House– Many colleges use Movin’ On with a campus event to draw prospective students. Here are 3 different approaches:

  1. Send Movin’ On with an invitation to high school juniors and seniors to come to an Open House. Give them an agenda of the interesting and fun events planned for the day. And of course–plan for some type of refreshments–food is always a motivator for students. Make sure you include the whole family.
  2. Send the invitation for the Open House and give Movin’ On as a take-home piece at the event.
  3. Send the invitation for the Open House and hand out the college viewbook and departmental informational brochures at the event. Have students register upon arrival. Follow-up the event by mailing Movin’ On to the attendees with a letter from the President thanking them for coming. The letter should present Movin’ On as a gift from the college to help them in their career selection journey. Your reply card is in the magazine if they need further information.

Career & Job Fair– Host a community-wide career and job fair. Invite local businesses and employment agencies to participate. You may wish to charge a fee to cover expenses of the event. Local restaurants may donated food or provide food carts for purchasing food. Use local newspapers, television and radio talk shows to spread the story far and wide. This provides a great opportunity to reach both high school students and adults. The college could offer free career counseling using Movin’ On as a tool and a free handout. Movin’ On is a marketing tool, which will work for both demographics. While we target the high school market, the images show people in their late twenties and thirties in the career positions. The colorful and current design is attractive to all. This accomplishes many objectives:

  1. Job placement for current students, high school students and adults of all ages.
  2. Recruitment for prospective students – traditional and non-traditional
  3. Businesses receive exposure to college resources; both for employees and training the college offers.
  4. Presents the college as community builder and supporter.

High School Counselors– When mailing directly into the homes of students, send Movin’ On and a cover letter to the area high school administrators and counselors. Let them know of the college’s concern for the students in their school. Tell them you are providing them career information with the purpose of encouraging them to continue in higher education. Point to the values of beginning that journey at a two-year college. Remember students can begin any career at your college–this is a good reminder for all educators.

Community Businesses– Place Movin’ On in businesses and institutions where people are waiting and may pick-up a magazine to read, i.e. – hospital waiting rooms, doctor and dental offices, beauty salons & spas, car repair businesses, libraries, etc. This is a wonderful way to reach parents of prospective students, adults looking to retrain for another career, seniors wanting to continue learning, high school students, etc. Again, with the professional presentation, it positions the college at a higher level then previously perceived.

Real Estate Agencies and the Chamber of Commerce– Supply Movin’ On to local realty companies and your local Chamber of Commerce for inclusion into packets for newcomers to the area or for businesses looking to relocate to the area. By providing Movin’ On, you are getting your college in front of potential students and businesses when they first arrive in the area. It will not matter if they missed that special radio campaign last month–they won’t need to wait till the next ad campaign. You can introduce your college immediately!

If you have other ways your college has used Movin’ On, we would like to hear about your creativity! Please go to “contact” and send Toni a note or email


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