Benefits of Partnering with Local Schools
BIG BONUS: Build relations with your local schools!

Movin' On has Free Teacher Guides with lesson plans for every article. They are available for download in the links to the right.

Career & Technical Educators and Guidance Counselors like to use the magazine with their students as part of their career discovery curriculum.

1. Your college's Movin' On may be used as classroom career curriculum.
By giving your local schools your customized Movin' On, you are providing the district a career curriculum tool they may use in their career education. This may be over a week exploration, a two week emphasis unit, nine-week period, or a kick-off to a larger career unit. It is flexible according to the teachers and program needs. The college benefits because the customization features of Movin' On (front and back cover with four-page insert) will be seen daily as the magazine is used by students. So, it is not a "one time" reading or viewing.

Plus, the school administration sees the college's providing Movin' On as:

  • A tangible help to the school's budget-offsetting curriculum costs.
  • A genuine help by the college in combating the school "drop out" problem.

2. Your college may partner with the local schools to help budget costs.
By partnering with the CTE and/or guidance offices at the district level, your college may share the cost of Movin' On with the schools. This will provide a budget savings for both institutions.

Both benefits provide the college an opportunity to establish or enhance relations with the local school district. This manner of partnering will not be seen as "self-serving," but as altruistic – while producing an improved image and increased recruitment for the college.

It is a "win-win" for college, school and student!





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