Here’s What Sponsoring Colleges say about Movin’ On:

"Movin' On is an excellent resource for our high school students. Parents have come to me thanking us for the sending the magazine to their son or daughter because it provided them with very useful career and educational information. Definitely a valuable tool for the student weighing their post-secondary options."
Brian J. Hammond, Harford Community College (13 year sponsor)

"The magazines arrived in good condition and they look great. I am very pleased. Your customer service was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for being patient and making the extra effort to guarantee good results." 
Jay Walterreit, Alpena Community College, MI  (13 year sponsor)

"Since 1998, Movin’ On has been an invaluable promotional tool in our marketing efforts to motivate high school seniors to realize the value of a two-year education. In a two-person department with limited budgets, a publication of this caliber is exactly what we need to effectively market in a high-quality manner, I’m still amazed at how many readers actually think we produce the magazine internally."
Cheri Anderson-Hucks, Spartanburg Technical College, SC
(13 year sponsor)

"Movin' On has been a popular high school recruiting tool at our college. Plus, the staff is genuinely interested in telling the community college story. They have been great to work with."
Hilary K. Valentine, Parkland College, IL (8 year sponsor)

"We are pleased with the magazine and articles. Good customer service, as always."
Allison Matthews, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (13 year sponsor)


So, if you’re searching for a proven marketing solution with a commanding impact on high school juniors and seniors and their parents, contact us. CALL TODAY - 615-662-0236, email Toni at


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