2015 On Track Editorial Content

Ahem—Can I have Your Attention Please?
We are in the Communications Age! Successfully expressing information and ideas lead to unlimited career options.
Sidebar: Lelan Gets Paid to Talk about the Weather
Sidebar: History’s Greatest Speakers

What has Six Legs and a Fiery Tail and goes ZAP?
Watch Out for the Humanoid Robots! Explore the countless careers in science – there is nearly an application for every interest and personality!
Sidebar: Tips for Increasing Your Science Scores
Sidebar: Ana Wants to be a Scientist
Sidebar: Are Your Plants Thirsty?

7 Hot Tips for Great Grades!
Adjusting your study routine and time management can actually improve your grades. Check it out!
Sidebar: A Winning Equation: More Education = More Money

Celebrity Feature — Kevin Durant – An MVP Life
Kevin proves being a role model and a winner is about who you are as a person more than what you can do with a ball.
Bonus: Pull-0ut Poster!

Jobs for the 21st Century – A Career Pathway Exploration Guide
Complete with mini-Holland RIASEC Personality Quiz and corresponding career pathways — very helpful for young minds as they begin to explore their own career journey. Includes personality style profiler and the 6 career pathways.

10 Easy Steps A Bright Future
Your odds for a bright future are greatest the higher you go in education. See the numbers and you will be convinced. Our 10 steps are the “How To’s” to a successful future.

Crossword Puzzle
Fun to do if you have read all of On Track!


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