How to Use On Track

Marketing Strategies for Sponsoring Colleges

Here are a few of the many ways sponsors have used On Track:

Partner with Local Schools– Use On Track to build or enhance relationships with your local schools. With the Free Teacher Guide with lesson plans for each article, your customized On Track may be used in the classroom. This may be over a week exploration, a two-week emphasis unit, a nine-week period, or a kick-off to a larger career unit. It is flexible according to the teacher's needs. Remember the student is seeing your name throughout the unit. Your college name is associated with this positive experience. See the Benefits of Partnering with Local Schools link for more details.

College Campus Visitation Days– Host a campus visitation day for area 5th through 9th grade students. You may wish to break the age groups into two days–one day for 5th and 6th grades and a second day for 7th through 9th grades.

Provide tours of the campus with hands–on-activities in science labs, music
labs, computer labs and physical fitness areas. The agenda should be fun, informative and offer interaction with college student ambassadors. Games and prizes woven into all phases of the day will keep the students busy and leave a positive impression of your college. Don’ t forget snacks or a light lunch–students love food! Perhaps a local vendor would donate food in exchange for advertising on the activity schedule.

A primary objective of this event is to remove the intimidation of college and place your college in the forefront as a friendly and supportive learning environment. On Track may be used as a handout at the days end. Give with instructions on how to use it. If the event is done as a school field trip, teachers should be given the magazine–one for each student–with a word and/or note about the FREE Teacher’s Guide download on Venture’s web site. This information is on the back cover of the magazine.

Career Festival– Conduct a career festival for area 5th through 9th grade students. The purpose for the event is to create dreams and to demonstrate how those dreams can one day become a reality. Feature careers your college offers and the transfer options available.

The festival could be created as a “mystery reality game”. Use a space where multiple speakers can be sharing their career with students in small groups– allowing for a “question & answer time”. Have handouts at each “career stop” with information on that career. At the beginning of the day give each student a game sheet with information they are to discover through the course of the day’s game. Use a variety of activities to present careers and the education needed to achieve that goal. Remember to use role-playing and career specific clothing to create “reality situations”. The “mystery” is solved when the students discover a career path of interest to them.

On Track’s –“Job for the 21st Century” story provides a Career Exploration Quiz which could be used at the beginning of the event to direct the student to one of the career paths. It could also be used at the conclusion to provide a high impact take-away piece. This activity can be designed using many themes—focus on stimulating dreams and presenting higher education as the launching pad!

If you have other ways your organization or college has used On Track, we would like to hear about your creativity! Please go to “contact” and send Toni a note or email


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