2012-13 Movin' On Editorial Content
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Help? Can Anyone Out There Hear Me?
Social networking is linking the globe and changing communications! New careers are emerging and traditional ones are morphing– from marketing to blogging and so many in between.
Sidebar: Great News for Math Lovers–Opportunities Expanding!

Healthcare Workers Needed
Unlimited opportunities abound in the healthcare field. With the aging population, the health and fitness emphasis and possible shortage of medical staff, this is a career path not to be overlooked if you like helping others and enjoy science.
Sidebar: New Technology and Medicine
Sidebar: Consider these Health Related Careers

How to Turn Your Summer Job into a Career
That random summer job may lead to a great future. Read the true story and explore the possibilities of your own summer job scenic career trail.
Sidebar: Stand Out in a Good Way!
Sidebar: A Leadership Tip!

7 Things to Know Before You Enter College
College has a way of sneaking up on you. Read the tips from Rachel Cruz – the daughter of Dave Ramsey, famed financial management radio talk show host. This is straight talk from a recent grad!
Sidebar: Quick Facts about College

Juggling Work and College—Tips for Success
Whether working full-time or parttime and going to college–how do you get everything done? Find the 5 practical tips to bring balance to your crazy life! It is possible and many have done it before you!

The Two-Year Road to Lifetime Success
Two-year college alums offer inspiration on how they reached their dream careers – from a university law professor to a 3-D animator.
Sidebar: Invest in Yourself – Get an Education!

Go for It at a Two-Year College
With college costs rising two-year colleges offer a wise solution in taking that first step in higher education and a rewarding career. Consider your options!
Sidebar: Save Big Bucks by Taking the Transfer Route
Sidebar: Yes, There is a Social Side of Two-Year Colleges

Best Ways to Pay for College
Spend time on money saving suggestions and reap the return of a debt-free education.
Sidebar: Resources for savings

What Career is the Right One for You?
Here’s how to make that big decision about which career is the one for you. Plus, check out the 6 Career Pathways and 16 Career Clusters and career Web sites for more exploring.

Hot Jobs with Bright Futures
Organized by career pathways, personality types and educational certificates or degrees needed, with a mini-Holland RIASEC personality style quiz to help students focus on the career pathway best suited for them. Careers listed and detailed are the hottest careers needed through 2018 as forecasted by the United States Bureau of Labor.


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