Tips on “How to Use” On Track

Here are a few of the many ways sponsors have used On Track:

Classroom Career Curriculum– Introduce a unit of career exploration with On Track. Download the FREE Teacher’s Guide from the links to the right. Use the activities suggested over a few days, a week or a month depending on the class and length of unit material. With the magazine style presentation, On Track will provide a fun and engaging method for students to delve into their unique skills and gifts.

Career Festival– Conduct a career festival for area 5th through 9th grade students. The purpose for the event is to create dreams and to demonstrate how those dreams can one day become a reality.

The festival could be created as a “mystery reality game”. Use a space where multiple speakers can be sharing their career with students in small groups– allowing for a “question & answer time”. Have handouts at each “career stop” with information on that career. At the beginning of the day give each student a game sheet with information they are to discover through the course of the day’s game. Use a variety of activities to present careers and the education needed to achieve that goal. Remember to use role-playing and career specific clothing to create “reality situations”. The “mystery” is solved when the students discover a career path of interest to them.

On Track’s –“Job for the 21st Century” story provides a Career Exploration Quiz which could be used at the beginning of the event to direct the student to one of the career paths. It could also be used at the conclusion to provide a high impact take-away piece. This activity can be designed using many themes—focus on stimulating dreams and presenting higher education as the launching pad!

Group or “One on One” Counseling– Use On Track’s“Job for the 21st Century” Career Exploration Quiz at the beginning of a counseling session –administer the quiz. Then discuss the results and assist the student in articulating the meaning for him or her. This will provide a basis in the establishment of the student’s high school course plan. The magazine should be given to the student at the close of the session as a take home piece to provide additional career information.

An alternative method would give On Track in advance of the counseling session. The student would be instructed to read the magazine, complete the Career Exploration Quiz and the game section on the back of the magazine. Tell the student he or she will receive a prize if completed. The prize could be a coupon redeemable at a fast food chain. The counselor would discuss the results of the Career Exploration Quiz and proceed in the counseling session to discuss high school courses which would prepare the student for college and the career field.

If you have other ways your organization or college has used On Track, we would like to hear about your creativity! Please go to “contact” and send Toni a note or email


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