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The History of Venture Publications, Inc.

In 1989, nine Houston-area community colleges joined together to create a quality publication designed to recruit high school juniors and seniors. It answered the
real questions students asked – What can I be? What careers are out in the work place? Why go to a two-year school? That publication was named Movin’ On magazine by the members of the Gulf Coast Consortium Public Relations Committee.

Before completion of the first issue, other colleges across Texas had joined the project, expanding the magazine's first-edition circulation to more than 114,000 high school students.

Because of the magazine’s popularity and growth, in 1993 Movin’ On magazine became an independent enterprise. With this status the magazine could improve the quality and effectiveness as a high school recruitment tool for two-year colleges across the nation. Venture Publications, Inc., the parent company of Movin’ On magazine, was soon born.

Movin' On is a unique publication. It is the nation’s only fully four color magazine of its kind which exclusively promotes the advantages and opportunities of two-year colleges and institutes, and which contains no advertising. The magazine is purchased and customized with the college name on the front cover and an inserted advertorial by the sponsoring college. There is also a reply card for the college and a free back cover full-page ad for the sponsoring college. As such, Movin' On upholds the lofty ideas of higher education and provides a prestigious showcase for its sponsoring institutions.

School Districts and Federal grants like TRIO, GEAR UP, Career Pathways-Tech Prep, among others find Movin’ On perfect for career and technical education programs and inspiring students to continue on into post-secondary education.

In 1997, Venture Publications, Inc., created On Track magazine, a career guide for 6th through 9th graders. Like its sister publication, On Track is sponsored—by colleges, middle schools, corporate sponsors and federal grant programs—and given to 6th through 9th grade students in order to affirm the importance of education throughout high school and college.

Venture Marketing Group was unveiled in the Spring of 2000. Since then VMG has worked with numerous community colleges creating new branding programs starting with logo and slogan development to a complete reorganization and development of college publications and marketing tools, including billboards, radio and media buys and production.

From the outset of Venture Publications & Marketing, Inc., its mission has been to develop outstanding publications and creative services for two-year colleges and educational organizations. The company’s main office is in Franklin, Tennessee, a community adjacent to Nashville, Tennessee.

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